TMR (The Madness Remains) is Central Valley's Premier Rock band, playing the hard rock arena hits of the 80's & 90's, the way you remember them!  Everything from AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Hagar, Ozzy, & Scorpions, to Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Tesla & Queensryche, and more!  You get the picture. 

TMR has played many stages in the Valley and surrounding area, from local bars to festivals with Night Ranger, Great White, Winger, Warrant, & Queensryche (to name a few).  Regardless of where you see them, TMR prides themselves on delivering a concert experience at every show and any size venue!!


All with many years of experience, Jerry DeLeon (formerly of DeLeon/Villain) brings the natural vocal flexibility needed for the genre TMR pays tribute to! Dean Pfeiffer (Scattered/Dead Loc't) and Tom Kellogg (Scattered) shred the guitars in unison & in true rockstar fashion to keep it as original as possible!  The low end bass skills of Eric Nelson along with our timekeeper & madman drummer, Scott McDonald, keep the tunes hitting fast and hard!  Come check us out and get ready to rock!!  

Please look through the rest of the pages for audio & video clips (hope to update them soon with current material), along with other photos, band and contact information.  Also be sure to check us out and "like" us on facebook at www.facebook.com/themadnessremains for the most up to date information!

Guest Book

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Scott &Patty, Lodi

You guys effin ROCK! Been to 2 shows, can't wait for the next. Thanks for taking us to that place now called "back in the day"

Geri Fore, Oakdale

Saw the band at Ninos in Modesto, went to High School with Scott McDonald. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Rock On!

Joe Braxton, Lockeford

These guys Just Rock talent from top to bottom The band you don't want to miss. vj33k7

TMR, Oakdale

Thank you so much Darlene & Kim! Please keep an eye out for us...and come up, say hello at one of our shows! We keep the Facebook site pretty current with our events www.facebook.com/themadnessremains Hope to see you both again soon! -TMR

Darlene McGuire, Sacramento

So being a Warrant fan for life, Sierra View Music Fest which had 7 bands in all was a no brainer. My Husband Michael loved it because he is a huge Queensryche fan (yawn, sorry babe). In all fairness they were better than I remember. Anyways, I have to agree with the last poster but feel the need to add a bit to it. Of all the bands that performed before Warrant (they were f__king insane by the way, best of the day no doubt), one band clearly stood out. Didn't know a thing about them. Clearly no expectations. They (TMR/The Madness Remains)were fantastic! They played great songs from the era and really brought a great Rock N Roll sound and energy. Other than Warrant (obviously) and ah hum...Queensryche, TMR was the best of the rest. We wook forward to seeing you guys again soon! TMR really ROCKS!!

Kim Aguiar, Tulare, ca

Saw you at Sierra Vista music festival yesterday. You guys were awesome. We made the drive to Oakdale for my birthday present... Queensryche tickets! Little did we know all the wonderful surprise talent we encountered. All the bands were great and we now how some new, " must see"fun bands. Thanks for sweating it out with us hard core rockers.

Jim, Oakdale

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, Rock On

Tony, Ceres

Looking forward to seeing you guys on April's Fools Day.

Debbie Robbins, Stockton

We've watched TMR since the very beginning 6 years ago and this band has grown into the fantastic band it is today. Thanks to the band members Dean, Eric, Jerry, Scotty and Tom you guys are a bunch of talented musicians as well as one hell of a group guys that enjoy having fun. The Front Row Crazies will always be up front and center and your biggest fans

Dean, Central Valley

Just have to say, after reading all of the cool posts by you, especially by the Front Row Crazies, we could not be more humbled and enamored by you all!! You are are truly the best fans out there!!! Looking forward to a great 2017 with many shows (and a few private ones) this year. If there's a place or two you'd like to see us at, feel free to let us know and/or contact that business and request us there. And lastly, please come up and say hi to us at any of the shows. We love talking to and meeting you all!! Thank you for the great review and kind words Alyson!! -TMR

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