Dean's Bio

Guitarist for the group The Madness Remains (TMR) with many years of stage and studio experience. Been with several bands back in the day, Chicago area. Did the club circuits, touring, demos, recording, etc. and had a blast in the decade of decadence. Played mostly the 80's stuff (Def Lep, Ozzy, Crue, Maiden, Metallica, Priest) and now play everything from U2 & acoustic stuff to Disturbed & Godsmack.

I exclusively use Mesa Boogie Amps & Cabs. In my rack for all preamp & processing, the unbelievable Fractal Audio Axe Fx XL. I also use L6 Digital Wireless & Furman Power Conditioners. Over the shoulder: Primarily Jacksons/Charvel custom, Schecters, & ESP.