D Anthony

D is the founding lead guitarist for the group The Madness Remains (TMR) with many years of stage and studio experience. Originally from the Chicago area, D played with several bands back in the day, covers and originals.  He played the club circuits, tours, demos, recording, etc. and had a blast in the decade of decadence.  

His early influences were Randy Rhoads, Alex Lifeson, Viv Campbell, Jake E Lee, George Lynch, and Warren DiMartini to name a few.  Yea, pretty much the 80's "guitar god" stuff. 

D played mostly the 80's stuff (Def Lep, Ozzy, Crue, Maiden, Metallica, Priest) when he was younger and now plays everything from U2 & acoustic stuff to Disturbed & Godsmack.  He also enjoys writing original music in all styles.  You can find some examples on bandmix.com

D exclusively uses Mesa Boogie Amps & Cabs, and the Fractal Audio FM3 or Axe Fx III for all preamp & processing.  He also uses L6 Digital Wireless & Furman Power Conditioners, Jacksons/Charvel custom, Schecters, & ESP guitars.