About "TMR"

Where to begin??  So take one band, split it down the middle, and one half becomes "The Madness Remains".  A great LIne up is born and the "Madness" show goes live.  But as fate would have it, the line up would go thru some changes.  A couple of needed Vocalist changes and a founding member (Guitarist Randy Lintz) having to relocate, has led to the current (and future) line up.  With the phenominal Jerry Bellez de Leon bringing the natural vocal flexability needed for the genre, along with Dean Pfeiffer and Tom Kellogg unleashing the "Two Headed Guitar Monster"  superbly backed by the LOW END Bass of Eric Nelson and our Time Keeper and Madman drummer, Scott McDonald, get ready to rock hard and long!!  This is no holds barred, open a can of whoop ass, "it will be  loud " Rock & Roll.......... 

The Madness!!!!


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